Dadpreneur paving the way for good employment

Dadpreneur paving the way for good employment

Mr Investa our dadpreneur columnist with his company based in Media City, Salford has achieved Membership status of the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter a status only achieved by very few businesses.

Advancing from Supporter to Member status requires employers to undergo a comprehensive assessment and a technical panel review to ensure alignment with the Charter’s seven characteristics of Good Employment.

Since launching 2020, Salford based Prop-Tech company Mr Investa has sold more than £15 million of tenanted property nationwide, allowing tenants to stay in their rented accommodation by selling the landlords property to another landlord using the latest technology in the property market and their extensive database of UK and overseas investors.

Commenting on the company’s new status, Founder Ryan Hughes says, “We are delighted to achieve membership status and can not thank Andy and the team enough for their time, support and feedback. The GMGE Charter has been pivotal for helping shape and mold the business into the biggest, fastest growing e-commerce buy-to-let marketplace in the UK, creating a clear road map of characteristics of what a good employer should offer.

In return making Mr Investa a very attractive place to work for current and potential employees. Our clients have increased due to our transparency and work ethics in how we operate and treat our staff.”

The Charter’s objective is to elevate employment standards across Greater Manchester and contribute to the prosperity of the region’s economy. The commitment of these GMGE Members impacts more than 9,000 employees, who now enjoy the benefits of good employment, including fair and secure work, and fair pay.

Hughes concludes: “Mr Investa is committed to making a difference in the property sector from staff, clients and tenants.

Our employees are the core of the business and it is vital they are happy and feel supported at all times.

Our mission is to ensure we keep as many tenants in their home as possible whilst assisting our clients exit and enter their investments.

I would highly recommend any business owner to look at the charter and make sure they are ticking the boxes or working towards implementing them”

Mr Investa
Tips and Tricks from fellow working parents doing the juggle

Tips and Tricks from fellow working parents doing the juggle



Since we first launched BROOD Magazine we have been lucky enough to speak to a host of parents, who like us and you, are doing the juggle between work and parenting daily. In each interview we’ve asked each person if they had any tips or tricks that may help the rest of us! 

parent life juggles with mum working and juggling her children and parentlife


Inspirational Mum of three, Helen Skelton, is one of Britain’s best-loved Television presenters. Helen started her presenting career at Newsround before landing a dream role at Blue Peter, where she completed numerous extreme challenges for charity. Incredibly Helen has kayaked over 2,000 miles along the Amazon River, and cycled 500 miles to the South Pole, both for Sport Relief. Her amazing career has included many highlights including meeting the iconic late Queen Elizabeth II. Not one to shy away from a challenge, last year she took what was probably her hardest yet, as she joined BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing Class of 2023; whilst juggling life as a single mum, looking after her 3 young children, Ernie, Louis and Elsie.


What tips would you give other working parents?

Oh, I’ve got loads of tips – I’m on a journey at the moment. Firstly, lower the standards! I think unfollow people who don’t have a similar life to you. For example, if you’re a working mum, don’t follow a mum who doesn’t work, follow someone who is doing the juggle. Or if you don’t work, follow someone who doesn’t work, because I think you if you compare apples to pears yours will never be as good. I’ve been given lots of tips myself lately, including find companies that will deliver healthy meals – like meals on wheels but for parents. Then that takes the pressure off grabbing something naff for yourself, you can get them pre ordered just a couple of times a week and the whole family has got a healthy home cooked meal. Just make life easier for yourself. Another one is, have a notepad by the bed because every has them things where they wake up in the night where they are like ‘oh s&*t they need a yellow t-shirt for tomorrow’. I also think delegate stuff in your life that you don’t need to do yourself. Like I hate cleaning, so I got a cleaner. I felt really bad about it at first, I felt really middle-class, and I would tidy up before they came, but then the lady said to me ‘why are you doing that, you are paying me to do this?’ Oh, and don’t buy clothes that you need to iron! Again, why are you doing that to yourself. And finally, I have a present cupboard because there is always a party that you have forgotten, or you haven’t got time to go to B&M before you go. And a distraction box is always good too when you’ve got multiple children. What do you mean by a distraction box? Well, I would always keep a little box on the side, I’ve done this from Louis being born. I will put a couple of snacks in that he would like, a couple of books, or some little cheap toys in there. So then if you’re feeding or changing the baby and your older one wants you too and you can say ‘Go and get something from your box!’ I think that’s it!

Helen Skelton

Helen Skelton Images © BROOD Magazine

Helen Skelton and her family


James & Victoria Bye and their family

Image © James & Victoria Bye

James Bye & Victoria Bye

Parents of four, Actor James, and Blogger Victoria Bye, have had a whirlwind few years, as their children came along at the same time as their careers started to soar. Having relocated from London to Cheshire just before they had their first child, James then got the part as Martin Fowler in one Britain’s best loved soaps – Eastenders. Consequently they made the decision to move back down south, so that James wouldn’t spend the majority of the week separated from his family. The couple have since welcomed another three boys to their brood over the years, with the newest addition arriving only in the summer of 2023. James took part in the 2022 Strictly Come Dancing. 

We had the pleasure of chatting to the lovely couple in 2023, about how their lives have changed over the last few years, how they juggle everything and their ambitions for the future.

What tips would you give to other parents who are juggling busy career schedules alongside bringing up their family?

James – “I think what really helps us during really busy times is we are very fortunate that we have a really amazing group of friends, and we all help each other out. I think you have to find the courage to reach out and ask for help, and once you start doing that, you can all work together. So, I definitely think that’s a really important tip – don’t be afraid to ask for help – especially reach out to those closest to you.

Victoria – “Yes, totally. And for me in terms of the family side of things, when you do get those moments together, to remember to put your work down, and be present. At the end of the day, work is just a job, it’s replaceable, family isn’t.”


Rebecca Adlington OBE is undoubtedly the greatest female swimmer that Great Britain has ever produced, and one of the greatest GB swimmers of all time, not only because she is a multiple Olympic, World, Commonwealth and European medallist but she also broke the World Record in the 800m freestyle in 2008 at the Olympic Games in Beijing ; a record that was 19 years old, the same age Rebecca was in Beijing. 

Becky’s drive and thirst for success did not diminish when she retired from Swimming, and she is still the same overachiever that she was in the water, having juggled a number of amazing career accolades for a number of years, such as her role as a pundit for BBC Sport, running multi businesses, creating swimwear ranges with Slazenger and work in her role as an ambassador for the Encephalitis Society and as a Patron of Women in Sport charities too; all alongside her biggest and favourite ‘job’ as a mum of two to the adorable 7-year-old Summer and 21 month old Albie.

What tips would you give other working parents who are juggling work and bringing up children?

“I think being organised is definitely something that I need to be in order to stay sane – I’m a bit like Monica in friends!” [We laugh] “For instance with the planner that I do on a Sunday, I use different coloured pens, and we stick that on the fridge! We have an online diary too and that is also colour coordinated, and I make sure everything goes in that diary. So I am very organised. I think there is so much going on each week that it’s one of those things that really helps us and the kids to have that reference. I think that really helped me with that transition of being back at work, so it eases my anxiety too and gives me that peace of mind that the kids aren’t going to miss anything. It also saves me time as I’m not checking in with Andy every two minutes like I was when I first came back to work! Which obviously caused a bit of friction too with Andy, because I wasn’t used to letting go so I think having that system in place has worked really well for us.”

Becky Adlington

Rebecca Adlington Image © BROOD Magazine


Charlie Condou Image © BROOD Magazine

Charlie Condou

Charlie Condou is a successful British actor, columnist and LGBTQ+ rights activist – not forgetting his important role – a doting Dad of two, to Georgia and Hal. For as long as Charlie can remember, he always had an overwhelming desire to start a family and create the kind of upbringing that his own lacked.

What tips would you give other parents, in particular co-parents?

“I think my advice would be don’t take advice from anyone, find your own way. Everyone thinks that they know the right way how to be a parent, but everyone finds it out for themselves. And from a co-parenting point of view, the most important thing you can do is communicate properly, whether that’s talking about how things will work, logistics, making sure you do it with someone who has the same values and morals, and ideas about bringing up kids. And also, if something is irritating you, just get it out and just say it. That’s what us three do, don’t get me wrong it’s not easy but then it’s done, and we can deal with it. Because if you don’t speak up, these things just fester and before you know you’re screaming at somebody, about something so small! It’s much better for everyone when you can communicate well, and you move on.”

EMMA Neville

Philanthropist, qualified counsellor and doting Mum of two, Emma Neville, has always kept herself out of the public eye despite her husband, Gary Neville’s, extremely high profile and widely documented career; meaning that a lot of Emma’s personal achievements and her incredible dedication to support so many charities have gone under the radar.

Emma is exceptionally modest about her charity work and what she has achieved already in her career as a counsellor. It’s a journey that she embarked on around five years ago; after spending many years embracing her role as a full-time mum and taking the lead with the family’s home life to counterbalance Gary’s demanding career schedule. But as the girls got older Emma realised, she wanted to do something for herself, consequently pushing herself out of her comfort zone and pursuing a lifelong ambition of becoming a qualified counsellor. Emma also accelerated her contributions to several charities through volunteer work, rather than ‘just’ making monetary donations. Emma volunteers for many charities including Destination Florida, Bury Cancer Support Centre, Girls Out Loud, Child Bereavement UK and she is very passionate about enhancing the amazing work that these charities already do, as well as helping to raise awareness for them. She has also recently created a ‘This is Me’ movement, creating a safe platform for women. @emmanevillethisisme

When you meet Emma, you can instantly see why she is so well suited to her chosen career path, as her warm and endearing nature shines through. It was an absolute pleasure to chat to Emma and listen to how she has carved out her new career path, whilst making a difference to so many people’s lives, and to hear how she balances that alongside her role as Mum. We chatted away to Emma before the girls, Molly 13, and Sophie 12, returned home from school and joined us for our photo shoot; that we managed to squeeze in between school finishing, teatime, and netball practise!

What advice would you give to the BROOD readers who are parents of teenagers?

“I would say just listen to them and try and just keep conversations going. I know that can sometimes be difficult, but just asking how they are is a good start. I also think a big thing for us, as parents, to make sure we own up to our own mistakes and learn to say sorry, because when we’re in the heat of the moment and we’re stressing at them and complaining, sometimes just saying ‘I’m really sorry about this morning, I wasn’t in a good place, and I was rushing and I shouldn’t have stressed at you’ that can make a big difference. Sometimes we put a lot on them, especially when I think about the morning chaos and when parents get stressed, it makes you wonder does your child leave the house or the car and take that stress and negativity into their school day?  So, I think holding your hands up and owning your mistakes is very important. Children can read you; they know when you’re not yourself, so being open with them can put their mind at ease that it’s not on them. Just letting them know that we’re not perfect either. That it is ok to not be ok.”

Emma Neville

Emma Neville Images © BROOD Magazine

Emma Neville with her daughters
Brooke Vincent

Brooke Vincent Image © BROOD Magazine


Doting mum of two, Actress & Radio Presenter Brooke Vincent is best known for her role in one of the UK’s most loved TV programmes, Coronation Street, but in 2018 Brooke boldly ventured into the world of business launching her company Oh So B. After starting the business in her bedroom, whilst juggling her acting career, Brooke’s fabulous stationery brand has gone from strength to strength, and Oh So B has now become one of the go-to brands for practical and stylish planners for busy professionals. We sat down with Brooke last year to chat about what inspired her to step into the daunting world of business and how different she finds running a business now that she is a mum of two gorgeous boys – Mexx and Monroe.

Do you have any advice or tips for fellow working parents?

“If there are any tips out there you need to tell me because my life is just like a circus!” We all laugh and chat about life within our own circus’.   “I think even though it’s something I struggle with myself, I feel like I’m constantly learning, but you shouldn’t expect too much from yourself. You need to remind yourself just what good job you’re doing. That’s why I’ve included reminders in my planners that ‘you are doing your best’, as I think it’s so important for us to remember that.”


Mike Toolan

Award-winning Radio & TV Presenter, doting Dad of two, Mike Toolan, is one of the UK’s most loved presenters; with an impressive career spanning over 20 years. After starting his career as a radio presenter in America, his career in Radio really took off in UK at the exact same time as he became a dad for the first time! In recent years Mike became a single dad, with his two children living with him full time, so he had to learn to manage the juggle of looking after two teenage children and school runs, alongside his work as a radio & TV presenter, Voice-over artist, numerous theatre roles and the latest string to his bow – writing for TV! We sat down with Mike to chat about how he managed to get through the haze of his first big break as a breakfast presenter (with 4am starts), alongside becoming a father; becoming a dad to two under two, and the job opportunities that he turned down when they didn’t fit into his family life.

Have you got any tips for any other parents juggling work and family life?

“I’m always making notes of everything on my note’s app, and I put everything in the diary, so the iPhone has changed my life in that way as there’s always reminders popping up. So, I would say just to be as organised as possible, as it really helps you from dropping the ball. I have to write everything down otherwise I’ll forget as I have a memory like Nemo!

Then the other thing that I do, that is quite a nice tip, is that whenever we go to bed, I have always got the kids to say their prayers at night – not even from a spiritual point of view, but just for them to think ‘what are you grateful for today?’ And we’d do a little list of gratitude, and then the one thing that does is remind them of the best bits of their day, even if that’s the dessert they’ve eaten or something like that. I think that it’s important that the last thing they do before they go to sleep is remember all the good things that have happened, and then they end their day on a positive. That’s really helped them both actually and I think it’s important to integrate a bit of mindfulness into their daily routine.”

Mike Toolan

Mike Toolan Image © BROOD Magazine



No more years of hurt!

No more years of hurt!

This issue of BROOD comes during one of the most exciting international football tournaments, the Euros. For so many of us it’s a time to look forward to, a time of hope – the eternal hope that so many of us have – and a time to go out and enjoy ourselves. But for those living in refuges for survivors of domestic abuse, just the sound of the Euros might mean switching the TV off.

The ultimate (and actually achievable) skincare routine

The ultimate (and actually achievable) skincare routine

If the thought of ‘another thing’ to do sends you into entrepreneurial/parental spasms – you’re not alone. Typically when I see the words ‘Ultimate Skincare Routine’ I think, ‘great, here’s something else to make me feel like I’m not on top of everything’ – am I right?
My advice is different. I promise.
And to put your mind at rest I’m a professionally qualified skin aesthetician who works with an award winning micro-biologist recognised as one of the world’s leading experts in the science of reversing ageing.

Against All Odds – Dean Holden and Danielle Nicholls

Against All Odds – Dean Holden and Danielle Nicholls

When TV presenter Danielle Nicholls married her childhood sweetheart and professional footballer Dean Holden, their life was as near to a fairytale as it gets. After a perfect wedding, Danielle became pregnant on their honeymoon, welcoming a beautiful boy Joey, with their second baby boy, Ellis, arriving only 18 months later. Then the loved up couple completed their family with the arrival of their eagerly awaited princess, Cici, just a few years later.

Inspiring and honest Interview with Karina Jadhav & Ben Wilkinson: “I’m still finding it really hard to juggle!”

Inspiring and honest Interview with Karina Jadhav & Ben Wilkinson: “I’m still finding it really hard to juggle!”

Inspirational entrepreneur and Mum of two, Karina Jadhav, has continually made waves in the business and hospitality world over the last decade; after first stepping into the hospitality industry in 2010, as a bartender and as a waitress. Then, after years of successfully building businesses, from a food truck to award winning restaurants, Karina has firmly cemented a name for herself within the notoriously challenging sector. In 2015, Karina embarked on her biggest career achievement to date when she launched Menagerie Restaurant and bar, making her the north west’s youngest independent female business owner.



Successful entrepreneur Aaron Willis is best known for his appearance on The Apprentice, Series 16, but many won’t realise how inspiring his story is and how the many challenges that he has faced throughout the years has given him the drive and determination to succeed in business, aswell as the passion to give back to charity – one of which he is now CEO of – STRIDE UK – which he juggles alongside his successful businesses

Sarah Jayne Dunn & Jon Smith: On Creating more time with your family outdoors

Sarah Jayne Dunn & Jon Smith: On Creating more time with your family outdoors

It can be hard to find balance in life when we are so busy with all the other things that we have to juggle. One thing that has stood out since starting BROOD, is just how many of us are constantly looking for more ways to try switch off and spend quality time as a family. It’s also clear that we all want to incorporate ways to exercise into our weekly routine and encourage our kids to be active and outdoors too, but it can be hard to fit it in when there is only so many hours in the day! So, with a new sport activity sweeping exciting across the UK – Padel – we just had to find out what all the hype was all about, and to see if it was an activity that would fit into family life.

BROOD Editor Lolo Stubbs & Contributor Cath Tyldesley in Powerful Video for Women’s Aid Campaign

BROOD Editor Lolo Stubbs & Contributor Cath Tyldesley in Powerful Video for Women’s Aid Campaign

Our Editor, Expect Respect Ambassador & Author teamed up with actress Bhavna Limbachia to create this extremely powerful video bringing Lolo’s novel, Dressed up as Love, to life for our Women’s Aid Campaign. Highlighting (as the name of the book itself suggests) abusive behaviours that are ‘Dressed up as ‘love’’

Farah Nazeer, chief executive of Women’s Aid, said: “This campaign helps spread the vital message that many behaviours commonly perceived to be romantic – such as jealousy, demanding constant contact and somebody wanting you all to themselves – are actually dangerous.”

To check out Lolo’s emotional and thought-provoking book Dressed up as Love, please visit see the link in bio – 20% of proceeds are donated to Women’s Aid so we can support more women and children.

If something doesn’t feel right in your relationship, Women’s Aid is here for you. We will listen, understand, and believe you.

Thank you to all of the incredible women that took part in this powerful video, including our very own Auntie Cath aka Catherine Tyldesley raising awareness about the emotional impact of domestic abuse.

Lolo Stubbs Author at her Book Launch in London

Culinary genius Simon Wood’s Inspiring Journey and his goal for a Michelin star

Culinary genius Simon Wood rose to fame as the winner of MasterChef. He now has 2 restaurants, a cook book & a goal for a Michelin star. Read his inspiring interview

Kate’s healthy ice cream and fruit popsicles

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Cath Tyldesley & Tom Pitfield share the news of Cath’s incredible career opportunity overseas that will leave Tom ‘holding the baby’.

© BROOD MAGAZINE. OUR CO-FOUNDER TOM PITFIELD, HIS WIFE, ACTRESS CATHERINE TYLDESLEY & THEIR SON ALFIE & DAUGHTER IRIS  “Mum guilt never gets any easier!” Only last week our co-founder Tom Pitfield, and his wife, a successful and widely respected actress,...


Need to increase your self esteem and confidence, or are you perfectly imperfect?Confidence and self esteem are talked about so much, and thats usually because we are looking for an answer on how to improve ours! If you look up what these actually mean you will find...

Leftover Easter Chocolate BARK Smash!

I just wanted to share a little recipe that I’ve made with my kids, to get rid of the left over Easter egg chocolate that sits in the cupboard calling your name every time you walk past! It’s a chocolate bark smash full of lots of healthy ingredients that the kids will love to add along the way.


SWEET POTATO SHEPHERD'S PIEOur #HenchShepherdsPie 1 ½ lbs minced beef1-2 tablespoons butter1 onion, chopped2 carrots, chopped2 leeks 6 oz mushrooms, sliced2 teaspoons minced garlic3 tablespoons low sugar ketchup 3 tablespoons natural B Worcestershire sauce2 cups...

why it’s still important to wear an spf

How important is it to still wear an SPF?There goes the sun! But does that mean your SPFs are discarded till the sunshine reappears next year? Or you get chance of that winter vacation in the sunshine? If you're not wearing an spf everyday on your face, even when...


Kim Minchin Dunn © TOM PITFIELD PHOTOGRAPHY "...I opened the wardrobe and I was overwhelmed with what I was going to wear!" KIM MINCHIN DUNN INTRODUCES OUR STYLE SECTION...Hey everyone! My name is Kim and I’m owner of Kim Minchin Lifestyle, bringing you exclusively...


Kim Minchin Dunn © BROODMAGAZINEKIM MINCHIN DUNN ON HOME ORGANISATIONAfter a hectic Summer and a house of chaos, finally we are back into some sort of routine, the kids are back to school and it’s time we got the house in shipshape ready for winter.There’s no better...

Dining Table Date Night – Ox Cheek Tagliatelle with Simon Wood



KELVIN AND LIZ FLETCHER | IMAGES BY TOM PITFIELD FOR BROOD MAGAZINE ©. | INTERVIEW BY LOLO STUBBS “I’ve not got a fear of failure, I’ve got a fear of regret.” Parents to four children under six years old, Kelvin and Liz Fletcher, are a humble yet extremely impressive...


Sally Lindsay is one of Britain’s best loved actors and presenters, best known for her roles as Shelley Unwin in ITV’S Coronation Street, Lisa Johnson in Sky One’s comedy series Mount Pleasant, and as Kath Agnew in the BBC sitcom Still Open All Hours.


© BROOD MAGAZINE. VICTORIA HAYDN AND HER SON, CHARLES “After photographing Man City for the last ten years, I’m ready to capture the beautiful journey of motherhood” Talented mum of one, Victoria Haydn, has made waves over the last decade as Senior Photographer for...

CHARLOTTE HAWKINS INTERVIEW: Mum of one, TV and radio presenter

Mum of one, TV and radio presenter, Charlotte Hawkins has firmly cemented a place as one of Britain’s most loved TV presenters. She is one of the first faces millions of Brits see each morning, as co-host of ITV’s Good Morning Britain.


CONTENT CREATION📷 My Perspective On Content Creation by Oli Dunn I try to create more than I consume, I LOVE the creative process, I love creation of any kind, written, audio, video, painting, photography, the list goes on, it’s expressive, it’s expansive, it's...

LUCY MECKLENBURGH – Mum of two, tv star, entrepreneur, wellness expert and property developer

Interview with Lucy Mecklenburgh – a mum of two, tv-star, entrepreneur, wellness expert and property developer

Amateur star to world champion but the best title is ‘Mum’ | Natasha Jonas on returning to the ring with Adrian Adair

ADRIAN ADAIR OF MORSON GROUP INTERVIEWING NATASHA JONAS. © BROOD MAGAZINE[et_pb_text content_tablet="“...You feel the social pressure to be there for your child.”" content_phone="

The ultimate (and actually achievable) skincare routine

If the thought of ‘another thing’ to do sends you into entrepreneurial/parental spasms – you’re not alone. Typically when I see the words ‘Ultimate Skincare Routine’ I think, ‘great, here’s something else to make me feel like I’m not on top of everything’ – am I right?
My advice is different. I promise.
And to put your mind at rest I’m a professionally qualified skin aesthetician who works with an award winning micro-biologist recognised as one of the world’s leading experts in the science of reversing ageing.

Bank Holiday Baking with Kate Devine

Sticky BB Brownies – packed full of polyphenols and prebiotics to help support the gut



CONTENT CREATION📷 My Perspective On Content Creation by Oli Dunn I try to create more than I consume, I LOVE the creative process, I love creation of any kind, written, audio, video, painting, photography, the list goes on, it’s expressive, it’s expansive, it's...