Disneyland Paris 

If you’re looking for an extra special holiday to enjoy with the children, then it really is hard to beat a Disney holiday. We’ve been on two Disney holidays now and both were filled with lots happy tears. Our first trip was on a Disney Cruise back when we only had our oldest two children, so this year we did decided to give Disneyland Paris a go, to see how our little ones tolerated the flights and the rides. 

Although most of the rides you can queue for, there are some of the attractions that require booking in advance such as the shows, and the Marvel Avengers Hero Training Centre – so be aware of this to avoid disappointment! It’s worth noting that if you’re pregnant or you have any children with a disability then you can access the special assistance which will mean you don’t have to queue for any where near as long, but once again you will have to book in advance and make sure you have all the correct documentation with you. 

If you don’t want to eat fast food or snacks the whole time that you’re there, you’ll need to book the restaurants in advance 

As much your days at Disneyland will be fun packed, they will also be tiring for everyone in the family, but especially the little ones, so a buggy is an absolute must. We hired one, but as you can’t take them out of the park it meant we ended up carrying our two little ones at the end of the day to get back to the hotel which wasn’t ideal, so if you can I would recommend taking your own if you can. 

If you don’t have park passes for each day of your trip you can still take in some Disney magic by spending some time in Disney Village. You don’t need a park pass to wander around, it right by both parks and it’s filled with Disney themed restaurants, bars and shops, so save your money on your park day visits and let them know they can pick up their favourite toy on the Disney Village day. If you are staying in any of the Disney Hotels than you can get access to the Avengers centre, within the 5*Marvel Hotel, which is really fun and filled with fab photo opportunity’s that the kids will reveal in. 

Avengers Hotel Disneyland Paris
Lolo Stubbs & Rob Stubbs and their Family at Disneyland Paris
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Sarah Jayne Dunn & Jon Smith: On Creating more time with your family outdoors

Sarah Jayne Dunn & Jon Smith: On Creating more time with your family outdoors

It can be hard to find balance in life when we are so busy with all the other things that we have to juggle. One thing that has stood out since starting BROOD, is just how many of us are constantly looking for more ways to try switch off and spend quality time as a family. It’s also clear that we all want to incorporate ways to exercise into our weekly routine and encourage our kids to be active and outdoors too, but it can be hard to fit it in when there is only so many hours in the day! So, with a new sport activity sweeping exciting across the UK – Padel – we just had to find out what all the hype was all about, and to see if it was an activity that would fit into family life.

Introducing The Eyewear Stylist

Introducing The Eyewear Stylist

When you are suddenly told that you need glasses, it can be quite a big deal and feel quite a daunting process. When your career or running your business means attending lots of networking events and dinners etc, and it’s so important to feel comfortable in these situations. As our appearance is one of the biggest factors that can determine whether we feel confident or not, we asked The Eyewear Stylist aka Daniel Scott, on how we should approach buying eyewear and the psychological impact it can have on you.