Wanting to wake up your complexion from dull to full of colour?

Here’s a view to an ultra glossy look with flushed cheeks that is a hit this summer.

Mid tone blush is a new trending technique for blurring together your blush and under-eye makeup for a seamless finish. To achieve this dewy glossy look use a BB cream for your base only in the areas needing coverage.
First, dab the light-tone face powder under your eyes, on the side of your nose, and all the way up to the edge of your eye to cover up any under-eye bags or blemishes

Then I like to use cream blush to sweep over eyes, lips and cheeks.

I love to take my brush very close to the under eye, then taking the excess up onto my upper eyelids and then over the bridge of the nose.
Taking a cream highlighter, lightly dab over the high points of the face and the centre of the nose creating a glass skin effect.

Also bold blush is definitely a trend to try paired with current siren eyes to get anyone hot under the collar.

My top cream blush products:

“The Miracle Balm from Jones Road stays true to its name, adding a light veil of colour to enhance skin with a natural-flush appearance and a flawless soft-focus finish.”


The go-to for a healthy-looking complexion, Flush Blush is our creamy formula that builds and blends in seconds so it’s impossible to overdo. Forget clown cheeks – this is your post-pilates glow.”


vieve-sunset-blush-balm makeup

“Veil the cheeks in radiant colour with the VIEVE Sunset Blush Balms, a liquid blush packed with skin-loving ingredients designed to help pamper the skin.”


Sally Rowe MUA

By Sally Rowe

Sally is the go to MUA for many stars, from red carpet events, magazine shoots, weddings and family occasions, and it’s easy to see why, with over 10 years experience in the industry her impressive portfolio speaks for itself.